Iyana's Bed & Breakfast

established in 2017

This beautiful home was built in January of 2016.  It later became opened for stay during the month of April 2016.  We take pleasure in opening up our home to the community.  I retired as a registered nurse in the year 2007 from  North Chicago VA Medical Center located in North Chicago, IL.  I worked for seventeen  year provide service for our veterans and war hero. After many years of helping people, my husband and I retired to Oxford, Mississippi, where I was born and raised.  The idea of opening up a B & B went through my mind but it was just a thought.  It wasn't until the  suggestion from  my grand-daughter, that I decided to put this idea into action.  My grand-daughter helped pushed this idea into view.  She motivated me to make this vision a reality.  So that's why I decided to name the B & B after her.    

We look forward to your stay.

Sealeaner & Robert